04 September 2020

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the paperback of A Short Affair with new stories, new illustrations and a stunning new cover.

This vibrant collection brings together twenty original short stories by giants of the form alongside exciting new voices.  The paperback edition also includes two original stories by actor, podcaster and writer Russell Tovey, and Booker nominee Sophie Ward.

As curator and editor of A Short Affair, Simon Oldfield combines the best in short fiction and contemporary art with remarkable illustrations by Tracey Emin and other artists from the Royal Academy of Arts.

Writers: Russell Tovey, Elizabeth Day, Bethan Roberts, Nikesh Shukla, Claire Fuller, Ben Okri, Anne O’Brien, A. L. Kennedy, Anna Stewart, Craig Burnett, Douglas W. Milliken, Will Self, Jarred McGinnis, Barney Walsh, Rebecca F. John, Joanna Campbell, Emily Bullock, Cherise Saywell, Lionel Shriver and Sophie Ward.

Artists: Tracey Emin, Eddie Peake, Kay Harwood, Gabriella Boyd, Jonathan Trayte, Luey Graves, Marco Palmieri, John Robertson, Coco Crampton, Fani Parali, Murray O’Grady, Pio Abad, Declan Jenkins, Mary Ramsden, Carla Busuttil, Jessy Jetpacks, Nick Goss, Tim Ellis, Adam Shield and Humphrey Ocean.

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